Adult Sex Toys

All the Elementary Information for the Adult Sex Toys

Either alone or in company, erotic toys have become a whole vein of female pleasure. If you like to experiment with your body and you want to discover new worlds of pleasure, take note of these toys. They will surprise you!

Female masturbation or playing with our own body and our limits of pleasure is becoming increasingly common. As usual as it is and has been for men for dozens of years. Well, now it’s up to us, because there are plenty of sex toys for women that will make you enjoy it to the fullest.

Throughout this list you have seen a few toys that will be familiar, others not so much and others that you may have heard about but have not dared to use. And it is sure that there are some who go with you more than others, but it is worth pausing a little in the most common sex toys for women to see which goes with you or if you want to try some. We start! So far the Adult Sex Toys are concerned, you will be getting the bests now.

G spot vibrators

They are the kings of sex toys nowadays. There are colours, with lights, batteries, different textures and materials, with various modes and intensities. But all have in common that double slope to introduce with the largest part in the vagina and with the smallest stimulate the point G. In the case of electric, the most common, allow to adapt perfectly to the needs and tastes of each. The pleasure is assured.

Chinese balls

There are those who use them while walking, while at work or even during a spicy date with their partner. Chinese balls have a lot of myth around them and are the object of fantasy for many men. These are two light balls that the woman inserts into the vagina, where the tampons are placed, and which usually have two smaller balls inside, so that there is an empty space inside. By means of the movement the balls strike with the biggest ones and produce a sensation of the most pleasant thing. Why do not you try it on the way to work? And it is that we have told you: the car can be the most exciting.

Realistic dildos or dildos

The dildo or classic dildo is the element that comes to mind when we think of erotic toys. It is a sexual complement with a phallus shape that can be used both for masturbation and for playing as a couple. Most of them have penis shape and appearance and are made of different materials (from latex or silicone to plastic or even stone or glass).

Oils and lubricants

They are not toys in themselves, but they do serve to play. Today, lubricants and massagers are more fashionable than ever. They not only serve for people with dryness or problems to lubricate, but they are a very sexy way to give an extra of excitement in intimate and sensual moments. There are all kinds: with different flavours, smells, textures, start to try!

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